Friday, April 6, 2018

Vladimir Putin In The Oval Office?

That Will Be The Scandal of all time!

Was it a joke or is it real that Donald Trump invited the president of Russia to a meeting in the White House? What will be the subject of the meeting--the welfare of the United States or something of private concern to the two men? Let's provide some context here.

Putin In The White House?
Inviting Putin to the White House is like inviting to a banquet the man who raped your wife, while ready to decorate him with a badge of honor proclaiming "Well done!" Will the United States watch while the man who meddled in their presidential election is honored in the Oval Office for doing so?

The United States is in disgrace right now and is being dishonored by alliances with somebody and with people who have put the country to shame. Will any private meeting between Trump and Putin serve the interest of the United States or of the two men? The meeting is arranged as a facade to show that there is no collusion with Russia. And God is interested because the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans are involved. And He is interested because there's a mass deception.Therefore, many things are about to be blown open, so that everyone can learn the truth.

Yes, the truth is about to be told in the United States as never before and nothing will remain the same.

"I will tear down the wall you have covered with whitewash and will level it to the ground so that its foundation will be laid bare..." --Ezekiel 13:14.

As for Putin, does he really want to come to the United States? He should be forbidden from entering the United States, and God is about to do that. Vladimir Putin is forbidden from entering the United States!

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