Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board

What's The Advice?

Exactly what is Trump's evangelical advisory board set up to do? Is what you are offering a Christian service or just a bunch of friends celebrating one of their own being in the Oval Office? Is your service to God or to an emperor? Mr. Trump is still lying and perpetrating falsehoods. He is still cursing and hateful and attacking everybody--in particular those whose job it is to hold him accountable. He does not want to be part of any form of accountability. Unfortunately for him, he occupies an office whose first duty is to be accountable to the people. 

Advisory Board?

However, the man you claim to guide with "Christian" counsel is by all accounts like the last emperor of the last pagan empire--boastful and immoral roundabout. Is this your own account of Christianity?  Are you deceiving him or is he deceiving you? But no one of you can deceive God, although you are trying very hard. If you are unable to speak God's truth to him the way God would have it rendered, you ought to resign. Are you more afraid of a billionaire than you are of God? You may bask in the glory of the moment, but the end will be disastrous.

Brace Yourselves--The Fall Is Coming!

By helping perpetuate Trump's platform of lies, hatred, falsehoods, and deception, and by refusing to speak truth to him in God's own terms, neither you nor Donald Trump will be spared the coming disaster. The fall is coming--brace yourselves! It will be heavy and catastrophic!

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