Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Putin Banned From the United States!

God, by His Word has banned Vladimir Putin from the United States. And what is the second summit  or third proposed summit about? Is it about the well being or for the good of the American people? Then why can't America know what was discussed in Helsinki? Or is it because it was about a private business and how to get further help from Putin to defraud the American people in the next election?

The Saints Are Still Praying! And God is determined to provide them with Justice.

What man invites his wife's rapist to a tuxedo dinner? But it is happening in one of the most "civilized" nations in the world--the United States! If a man has done such harm to another man, what will be the reason to honor such a person? The answers will be made clear and they are coming.

While Donald Trump would like to honor such a man, God, the Lord God of All Creation sees why, and has banned Vladimir Putin from stepping foot in Washington DC and in the United States. Certainly, Mr. Trump can find other ways to please his benefactor without appearing so dishonored.


Rejected By God!

Putin's Visit To Washington DC

Vladimir Putin's invitation  by Trump for another summit in Washington DC has been rejected by God. You do not invite a man to a tuxedo dinner who has raped your wife, this is what the invitation amounts to. This should be decried by all people of goodwill. It is rejected by God and should be rejected by men.

The activities of Vladimir Putin and Russia in the 2016 United States presidential election is an act of aggression and the president of the United States will be openly aiding and abetting a foreign power whom he is aware attacked his country. There will be dire consequences if the president of the United States does not stop immediately from giving help and support to the person who has acted and is continuing to act as an enemy.

The Real Enemy Of The People
Who are the real enemies of the people? Is it those who seek truth and justice, or those who have betrayed their country? Who are the real enemies? Will it be those who do not want policy dictated from the Kremlin to rule American life or those who have handed the United States over to Russia and to Putin? Words, even untruth and lies can sway people for a while, but truth and justice belong in the realm of God and will prevail. TRUTH AND JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!