Monday, September 24, 2018

Courage For This Hour--John Brennan

Patriotism And Courage

The stand of the former CIA Director, John Brennan, against what he sees to be treasonous behavior from the president of the United States cannot be taken lightly. It might seem at this time like a light matter, on the contrary, it is a matter for great concern. So grave, the life of a whole nation and its unsuspecting citizens may depend on it. But even of more significance is the fact that he is willing to risk everything in order to defend his country.

It takes a patriot and one who is bold enough to sound a serious warning when it is needed. And this will be the difference when the storm has come and gone, between a patriot and those who are just going along with the wind. And this again will be the difference between a man who is trying to warn people about the activities of a president who appears to be working against the interest of his own country, to the advantage of a foreign power, and those who are afraid of reprisals.

It is coming fast! John Brennan and those like him who believe in the democratic processes and institutions of the United States, and who believe that as a sovereign nation, its position on anything should not be violated by a foreign nation, it is difficult to look on as the United States has appeared to be repeatedly violated by its highest official. Vindication is in for the truth tellers and justice seekers--it will surely come!

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