Monday, September 24, 2018

Courage For This Hour--M Waters

Patriotism And Courage: Maxine Waters

Of two groups who look at the standing of the United States now in the world, there are the patriots, and then there are those who are given to blind devotion and slavish followership. Only one of these two sides is right. God is about to decide that. It will come with vindication for those who have stood up for their nation, and one of those people is Maxine Waters--Congresswoman from California.

At the appropriate time, the courage and patriotism of this great American woman will be celebrated. When the horde has been dismantled and it is coming, and normalcy returns to the stage, what Maxine Waters represents and the things she stands for as a government agent and a genuine citizen, will begin to show as truly as they stand today. That day is a long way off, but will come. It is always easier to join the crowd in what they think than to stand up for truth, and this is the major difference between sycophants and those who stand up for truth. Those who stand for truth and seek justice will prevail. From now on, the world is theirs to move along.

God is set to dismantle the false establishments and the lying engines of the rich and powerful. God is not against wealth, but wealth gotten by corrupt and evil means and which is used for the oppression of the least in society, will be dismantled. Every nation on earth and indeed every community, no matter where it exists, needs people like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, for transparency and stability.

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