Friday, December 14, 2018

Government By Magicians

The More You Look, the Less You See

But not so, God. He sees everything done even in the darkest of secret places. God went ahead of  Trump to Helsinki. He heard all the discussions. He listened in on the duo as they made their secret arrangements. God was aware of the true motive for the summit--if it was in the private interest of those conducting the meeting, or whether the interest of the United States was really in consideration.

God knows whether "It was America First" or whether "America First" is just a jingle. Before the first summit was over, a second one was announced. Was that really from the mouth of Trump, whose abysmal failure to stand up for his own nation in Helsinki shocked the world, or was that an arrangement by the grand master? God knows every detail and so will the whole world.

Clandestine Activities?
Can anyone explain what Rand Paul rushed to Moscow to do? And what message of salvation did he bring back to the American people? Where is the letter he delivered from Mr. Putin to Trump? Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Rand Paul have explaining to do to the American people, sooner or later. Is Mr. Trump having help in subverting the interests of the United States? And upon whose idea is the United States policy on the North Korean nuclear problem based? Were they really going to send Pompeo to North Korea again, this time to beg Kim Jong-un to do what, or is North Korea becoming a rendezvous? And what is the United States policy regarding North Korea? It looks like anyone can call it "One Summit and All Problems Solved." But if you have another name for it, tell it. Meanwhile, God is watching! 

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