Friday, December 14, 2018

Myanmar --A Seed of Destruction?

The "God" of Buddhism?

If there's a spiritual leader in Myanmar who preaches the "God" of Buddhism and whose love does not extend to other people, that spiritual leader needs the real God--the Lord God of All Creation--Owner of heaven and earth and all they hold, including of course, all humans, being the most treasured creation of God.

Will the prophet in Myanmar please tell its people what next, because Myanmar has just sown a seed of destruction. And like a seed sown, it takes time to germinate and to grow. It also takes time for those who were not there when the seed was sown to begin to see the results, but what is sown is not lost. At the appropriate time, the fruit will become obvious to all.

Like A Seed Sown
The action of the Myanmar military and the attempted annihilation of the Rohingyas is a deadly cause and will have repercussions. Unknown at this point, the antennae of several other groups were raised around the world on seeing the images coming out of Myanmar in the later part of 2017. And the antennae of such groups are still up and will produce very deadly results. Will Myanmar then cease to exist? To say that members of a particular religion "are like snakes" which must be gotten rid of cannot help any situation. It will lead to terrible consequences.

Certainly, both the Myanmar Buddhists and the Myanmar Rohingya Muslims deserve a place under the heavens, and let no one deny the place of another.

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