Friday, December 14, 2018

O God, the Rohingyas!

Over a year ago, the world watched as the Rohingyas fled Myanmar to try to seek safety elsewhere. Largely seen by the Myanmar military leaders and the majority Buddhist populations as a people who are not fit to live, they were massacred even as they fled. Horrific images of such brutality have since then been shown to the whole world. Girls and women were raped, at least by their own accounts, babies, children, and adults were murdered in mass in what is now regarded as a genocide...

God is mourning the death of the Rohingya Muslims who were savagely murdered, and who appeared to have done no wrong except they dared to look different from the ruling class and those who think themselves to be superior human beings. This heinous crime before God and man is the beginning of the end of Myanmar. By the attempted extermination of a whole group of people, Myanmar has just written the most important chapter in the book of how to end Myanmar as a country.

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