Friday, December 21, 2018

Once Upon a Time...

In God's World

Take a Note with you

A Note to take with you to learn the meaning of "Once upon a time" in God's own words. Are some things beginning to be relegated to the background -- things which were held so highly it seemed as though the life of every person depended on them? The same things which do not mean much any more, but which some are still holding tightly to.   

One of the ways to measure the progress of a people or society is to look at the things they are holding tightly to--ideas of yesteryear, with narrow definitions and ideologies of life and what life is about, or a more robust outlook that caters to all groups. Very soon, some things will not fit, and will have to fall aside. It will then become a story of "once upon a time." Are we there yet? It is staring us in the face.

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  1. We are now entering a time, when, unless a person's reality aligns with God's truth, life is going to become a lot more difficult.