Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Nigerian Witch Doctors..

On Social Media?

Of recent, some Nigerian witch doctors have been parading themselves as pastors on Social Media. Along with them are gruesome images which they are displaying online. Is that the preaching of pastors, or are these people who engage in all kinds of animal sacrifice as it is done in Benin City, including human, as one of their images online portrayed?


The guilty will not go free, they will be brought to justice. You are parading yourselves all over the world as pastors. But those who know you are aware that your power comes from witchcraft and  voodoo. God is about to show you for who you are, you can no longer hide. You are witch doctors, you are not pastors. You know who you are, and that you are not pastors. You are spreading lies all over the world, using the name of God, and God is about to expose you. But you can decide to repent now, or wait for the hand of the mighty God to drive you into oblivion.
You want to live on earth forever? You are deceived! No sacrifice can achieve that. You are working for some money bags? Neither they nor yourselves can extend your lives further than the day God says it is over.  Nothing short of repentance, and a complete change from evil ways, can exonerate  anyone from the consequences of sin. You are deceived! Repent!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Lindsey Graham--A Show of Shame

'Truth matters only when we are talking about them, not about us.' This appears to be the stand of Senator Lindsey Graham in the current administration. It is a show of shame.
People of integrity everywhere stand out more conspicuously in difficult times, times when bearing witness to truth can be very tasking because there is falsehood all around, like in the Trump government. But they do it anyway  because their integrity and honor stop them from bearing witness to falsehood and lies. Not so with Lindsey Graham, for him, truth is applicable only on the other side. He has found a clever way to side with untruth and falsehoods by inventing a line to justify his actions, "he won."

 In service to the Trump administration, he agrees with and speaks half-truths most of the time, some truth some of the time, and sides with corrupt politics and behavior most of the time. His philosophy appears to be, If they win an election and they are one of us, they are free to do anything.

People who have the ability to speak boldly better be speaking truth. The contrary is a danger to society. The consequences of utterances and behavior like Graham's will become a cause for regret for many in the Republican Party. They appear to be planning a long vacation from Congress, because they have lost consciousness of what truth means. But God will straighten things out, and many of their Senators are ready for a long retirement period. God's Word in this is if you become first in place for whatever reason, you should act as if you were first in place.

If you take sides with falsehood, it is because you celebrate falsity. If you speak on behalf of corruption, it is because you have corrupt intent. If lies are attractive to you and you indulge in them because they advance your self-serving cause, that is from a corrupt place. The utterances and positions taken by Lindsey Graham today in American politics are a disgrace. God needs men and women of integrity in public offices, they are not available in the Republican Party. Sad!

Friday, February 8, 2019

"God Wants Trump To Be President."

So Says Sarah Sanders

Trump wanted to be president, Russia helped him to be president. God is using the Trump presidency to make a point.

Let this not be confused with God's endorsement. Donald Trump as a candidate did not have God's  endorsement, and does not have it now. So how did Trump become president? We are about to find out.

The Trump Presidency--Real or Fake? 
We are all about to find that out. But one thing to note first and foremost is that the phrase "shithole" as coined by Trump himself is about to take a different turn. The true meaning of the phrase does not belong with the poor or with those whose skin color does not match that of Trump. It belongs with those whose hearts and thoughts are always in the gutter, and that is the kind of thing they can think of, because that is the kind of language they are comfortable with.
People of honor and integrity and who love truth and justice are trying to determine through legitimate and lawful means whether the Trump presidency is real or fake. And who is trying to stop them? It is those who inhabit the depths of the "shithole" because they want to hide their corruption and evil from public view. But that is un-achievable. As high as the heavens are above the earth, so certain it is that those who have colluded to cheat the entire nation will be brought to justice.

"Those who are with us are more than those who are with them." -- 2 Kings 6:16.

Monday, February 4, 2019

A Need Expressed--a need fulfilled!

To Whom Are You Speaking?

When we have a need, we speak to people who we believe can help us. It could be a brother, a sister, mother, father, son or daughter. It could be a friend to whom we address such a problem. Sometimes, such help is available, sometimes, it is not. That is a fact of life.

But believers have learned or should learn to do something else--to trust God above any human source, for any reason. While son and daughter may fail, and mother and father may fail, either because such help is not in their power to give or are unwilling to do so even if they can, God remains the Source for the solution. Even when things appear to be happening by chance, because we cannot directly see the role of God in what is going on, the believer who has invited God into the situation should know that He will work it out. So, for the believer, to express a need is to expect that the Great God is listening, and will provide the answers, and answers which invariably praise His Name.

When we ask, are we speaking to God? The answer is yes. It is for such a reason that the Bible says not to throw away our confidence--confidence in approaching God, and confidence and trust in Him that He will be our God in all situations. When we address our needs to God, He listens, He cares, and provides.

Hebrews 10:35-36
1 John 5:14