Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Nigerian Witch Doctors..

On Social Media?

Of recent, some Nigerian witch doctors have been parading themselves as pastors on Social Media. Along with them are gruesome images which they are displaying online. Is that the preaching of pastors, or are these people who engage in all kinds of animal sacrifice as it is done in Benin City, including human, as one of their images online portrayed?


The guilty will not go free, they will be brought to justice. You are parading yourselves all over the world as pastors. But those who know you are aware that your power comes from witchcraft and  voodoo. God is about to show you for who you are, you can no longer hide. You are witch doctors, you are not pastors. You know who you are, and that you are not pastors. You are spreading lies all over the world, using the name of God, and God is about to expose you. But you can decide to repent now, or wait for the hand of the mighty God to drive you into oblivion.
You want to live on earth forever? You are deceived! No sacrifice can achieve that. You are working for some money bags? Neither they nor yourselves can extend your lives further than the day God says it is over.  Nothing short of repentance, and a complete change from evil ways, can exonerate  anyone from the consequences of sin. You are deceived! Repent!

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