Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Mueller Report Is Not Infallible

 "Might Is Right"?

With the United States gradually sinking further into the barbaric ideology of "Might Is Right" perpetrated by the Trump White House, everybody seems to be afraid of the uncivilized and tyrannical attitude and outbursts of an emperor called a president. Republicans are afraid of a man whom many have accepted as their god. So truth is forever far from their camp, because their king and god forbids it. They all cower before him. Because of this fear, they all fall in line once he opens his mouth to utter his threats as always. The Mueller Report can also be seen this way. Was there the fear factor in what Trump would do if he found out that he was indicted by the Findings.

Was The Mueller Report Based On Fear?

Was the "no collusion, no coordination" conclusion based on fear of what he might do if the Report said there was a conspiracy to defraud the United States? The evidence has been in plain sight, the events of the 2018 Russia-United States Helsinki Summit provides a good example. Where is the record of what was discussed as representing the interests of the United States during the Summit? It is not available because for Trump, the meeting was between him and the Russian president, and not a nation to nation meeting. Why? It was about personal issues that would have  national effects negatively on the United States. And so, the collusion continues, and the conspiracy continues. There is evidence, plenty of evidence which were ignored for reasons in the interests of Trump but not in the interests of the United States. So far, the Mueller Report is flawed and unacceptable Unless truths, actions, and utterances which have been observed in plain sight have been acknowledged as part of a truthful conclusion.

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