Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Was The Mueller Report Hijacked?

Was the Mueller Report hijacked to do the bidding of Donald Trump?

It is not a secret that William Barr, the US attorney general was hired, handpicked to stop the Mueller probe. And he did. And by extension, to give the findings a particular flavor that suited the whims of the president, whom he sought to exonerate before he took the job. And he seems to have done that with a four-page summary based on the Mueller Report.

Did the Special Counsel bow to the will of the attorney general in putting together his findings? And did the attorney general prevail on him to make his conclusions in a particular way? Were certain important things left open-ended so that William Barr could give them the meaning that suited his client, the president?
Although the Report is yet to be seen by the American public, several things appear to be wrong with it's interpretation already. The word integrity has been bounded around a lot concerning Robert Mueller and his work, is there a problem now?Most important question: can a person of integrity be used for purposes other than that which is honorable, and under what circumstances?

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