Friday, June 14, 2019

Trump Confesses Openly --At Last!

"I Will Do It Again."

His meaning could not be clearer when in an ABC interview Wednesday Trump said he would accept foreign help again, this time for the 2020 presidential election. He has just revealed to the whole world how he won 2016 presidential election. But law abiding citizens from all walks of life appear to be up in arms against what they thought to be an illegal stand by Trump to invite and/or accept another Russian intervention.

Desperate For A Win

No doubt, Donald Trump appears to be desperate for a win in 2020. He also appears to be showing a little too early that he is once again prepared to cheat in order to win. Perhaps the questions should be; Will Russia help him a second time for the win he is so desperate to have? Is Russia prepared to meddle again in the US presidential election? Can Russia deliver the victory for Trump?

All the questions raised here are important, but which of these questions is more relevant to the situation? To start with, the president of Russia and his agents would prefer Trump to any other candidate for the US presidency, for obvious reasons. They very well may attempt to help him again. However, there are intervening factors. But the question remains; Can Russia deliver the victory for Trump?

Thursday, June 13, 2019

God Knows It All -- Barr and Trump

Now hear the Word from God.

You are still acting in the interest of the foreign power that helped elect Trump.

You have a right to disagree, and should you, hear this:

Trump/Barr vs Truth Seekers on behalf of the United States.
If your cause is motivated by truth and justice and in the interest of the United States, may it prosper.
But, if on the other hand it is a partisan move, motivated by an attempt to suppress the truth and hide the facts from the American public, let your cause have no semblance of victory or success, instead let it be covered with shame and disgrace from beginning to end. But let the seekers of truth rejoice and be dignified in their work and effort, let them become heroes of Truth and Justice, remembered now and in history as true patriots.

This is a final word as of now regarding this subject: The days are fast approaching and coming on like an onslaught of a terrible blizzard, those who have acted treacherously against the United States, in any capacity, will be brought to justice. They will be covered with shame and disgrace permanently.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Bill Barr And God

Arbiter Of Truth And Justice?

When there is a dispute between two parties, a third party comes in to try to resolve the issue. But to administer justice the other person must base the case entirely on truth no matter who is involved. Leaning one way or the other outside of what truth and evidence present disqualifies that individual as an administrator of truth and justice.

The Case Between God And Barr 

Bill Barr, Trump's attorney general and Trump have a case against the American people, by saying that those who ask questions from the highest government officials in the face of what appears like corrupt, unethical, and even criminal behavior--most of it in public--have no business trying to hold them accountable. According to this view, of which Barr is the greatest proponent, the president should have the privilege of absolute power, "he cannot commit a crime because he is president." Well the American public says, "No one is above the law," president or not--the creed upon which the American constitution and government operate unless of course you disagree, like Bill Barr. And so  comes God, who sees all humans, their activities, actions and intentions, from above.

And So, God!

God, Owner of heaven and earth, THE LORD GOD OF ALL CREATION has invited Himself to be the Arbiter of TRUTH and JUSTICE  in this matter and we shall hear from Him.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

James Comey Is ...

 the death of the Trump Administration.

Donald Trump better be careful about what he is getting into. Investigating the investigators may very well become the fastest route to the end of the Trump administration. The truth is James Comey, the former FBI Director fired by Trump because of the investigation into Russian activities in the 2016 US presidential election could become the most useful witness against Trump. It may appear easy to try to sweep some things under the carpet but the Trump firing of the Former FBI Director is one thing that will not go away until there is a resolution.

So what is a resolution under this circumstance?
A resolution will include among other things, knowing what the truth is leading to and after the fact of Comey being relieved of his job. Outside the fact that what transpired was mostly in public view, Trump himself admitted on national television that he fired Comey because of the investigation into the Russian activities surrounding the 2016 US Presidential election. Now, why that should be offensive to the person who "won" the election still remains to be seen. But is there a way to stop the truth from being revealed? Absolutely not! Truth will be told to the discomfort of many.