Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Achan Effect

One Man's Greed Affects A Whole Nation --Joshua 7

In Joshua chapter 7, Israel is shown again as a nation at war. And God was fighting on their behalf, but to have the victory, they needed to carry out instructions from God to the fullest extent--without compromise. And so they went to war. After the resounding victory at Jericho--Joshua chapter 6, they got ready for the next battle at Ai, which was supposed to be one of the easiest battles they ever fought. But they were defeated and several children of Israel killed.

There Was A Problem!
Somebody, Achan, had directly contravened God's Word by stealing some of the items of which God said "Do not touch" during their engagement in Jericho. Many people paid the ultimate price for the greed of Achan. The punishment for Achan's selfish behavior fell upon the heads of his fellow citizens. But God was not done yet.

Crime And Punishment
Punishment is God's way of establishing truth and justice. Achan should never have touched the "devoted things" and his fellow Israelites would have been spared unwarranted death. You think the story of Achan belongs in ancient history? Look around you and see if you recognize any Achan. The Achan story is coming alive again full-time, before our eyes, and will have weighty consequences!