Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trump Working Hard For His Boss

Ahead Of The 45TH G7 Summit

Ahead of the 45th G7 Summit happening in France from August 24 to 26, 2019, Donald J. Trump is canvassing for Vladimir Putin and Russia to be readmitted into the group, whose membership was stopped for Russia's annexation of Crimea. The shamelessness of Trump as he openly makes moves to benefit Putin whom the Lord God knows and the world understands to have installed Donald Trump in the White House. Neither he nor his cohorts see the shame because they are busy filling their coffers from the purse of the United States. And if pretending that Donald Trump is not an installation of Vladimir Putin is all it takes for them to keep deceiving the American people and having their way--so far--so be it!

There are only two major concerns of Trump; work for Putin and his allies to keep them happy, it is payback time, and profit off the presidency. Either is lethal and will produce devastating. consequences. None of these will go unanswered, the moves are on, and the blows will be dealt from above.

Trump's Mental Hospitals

Trump's Mental Hospitals will be a welcome development, in fact, long overdue. He will become the first patient and that will serve the United States well.

O what it takes to be a superpower! You can have a lunatic in the highest office of government and that will be okay, so long as he is supported by the power-wielding sycophants of the land. Supporters of the corrupt and evil regime of Trump know that they have a sick man in office. Instead of recommending mental treatment for him as patriots would do, for the sake of everybody else, they are helping to perpetrate evil and corruption for their own sake. It is a good thing that Trump himself has recognized the need to build mental hospitals. Perhaps by the time they are built up--if he ever starts--there will be a sane man occupying the White House who would be patriotic enough and send Donald Trump to one of the hospitals, if for nothing else, to hide America's shame. The stench of its shame and disgrace right now reach to the ends of the earth. God is prepared to do the cleanup, for the sake of the entire nation.

King Of The Jews Was Crucified!

Is that what Trump's friends and followers really want?

Do they really want to equate Trump with Christ? Well Jesus Christ was crucified and rose again to become the Savior of the whole world. It is hoped that Trump's praise singers are aware of this. They have just equated Trump with God in public view. Donald Trump on his own part has also received the elevation, calling himself the "Chosen One." This means they are ready for the crucifixion.

God will honor their words as Donald Trump is being prepared for the crucifixion. He will be crucified and not rise, he will be taken out of public view permanently!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

God's End-Time Moves...

And The Christ-less Church 

The problem with the Christ-less church in the End-time movements of God is that such movements will render the Christ-less church inoperable, for it shall be counted as belonging to the kingdom of darkness. The reason is that such places and their representatives will not be recognized as agents of righteousness, both in their leanings and in their actions or activities. By righteous account, half measures have no place with God. If you are neither cold nor hot, you are regarded as unavailable for God's use or for God's Kingdom. Therefore, it is no longer possible to put one foot in the church and one foot with the world. You'll have to take a definite stand.

God's End-time movements on earth like  nothing else before, will literally force people to make a decision about where they belong; to the Church of God or to the world? There will be no fence to sit on. The world, and more importantly the Church, is moving towards an apostolic kind of faith, and it will be hard. Many churches will close down. We are in the window of Grace right now, and are being allowed a time of preparation to set our house in order. "The dynamic of Church life is about to change" completely.

The Christ-less Church

"By all physical appearances, the Christ-less church may look like any other, except in the area of what it teaches, or in its core beliefs. This is often in order to  veil what the true mission of the body is. One of the first signs to look for is whatever calls for the use of any other name in conjunction with the name of Jesus, which is not Father and Son. Also, a problem, is the elevation of any other name to match the name of Jesus in prayer and/or worship. If there's any important leader of the church, past, or present, whose name is used in prayer or intercession, it is a Christ-less church." That is, a "church" that operates without Christ and without the Holy Spirit. In order words, it is a social gathering that operates under the umbrella of religion, which the followers may refer to as Christianity.

Pp 163-164,


Does your church teach about angels, saints, Fathers, Mothers, princes, princesses and virgins? Then I invite you to read  your Bible. There is only one Gospel and Jesus is the only name needed for salvation. A church exists by the operation of the Holy Spirit through the name of Jesus. If this is not your experience of church, you may belong to a Christ-less church, where the name of Jesus is just a word on the lips only, and where the leadership of the church have no relationship with the Holy Spirit, neither acknowledge His Person, because they do not know Him. 

See: Acts 19 1-7, Galatians 1:8

Declare A Day of National Mourning!

Before you do that, declare a day of prayer!

The land reeks of evil and corruption and the consequences are at hand. It will soon be seen that those who love you most are not the ones who agree with you on every matter, nor those who deceive you, but they that will speak it as it is, no matter what.

Call A Sacred Assembly!
Are there any yet in the land who belong to the Sacred Assembly? Then get together and speak to the Lord, because it is coming, mourning and distress of great proportions, in the land marked by evil and corruption, and by betrayal of fellow citizens.

Have you tried to see whether your money can abate your mourning? You are about to find that out, for the hand of the Lord will be heavy upon the evil and wicked nation.
Declare a day of prayer and then a day of national mourning for the latter is coming like a flood, and will be most visible everywhere on earth.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Standing With Those Who Suffer

El Paso, Texas
Dayton, Ohio

Standing with El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in this hour of distress.
Let it be noted that the world will not be won by guns, neither by hate. People everywhere will 
won over by truth and love!    
This is God's will and will stand!

In Slow Motion--The Achan Affect

'The Fool Says in his heart,' "There is no God." --Psalm 14:1

The 'fool' referred to in this Scripture verse is any person who either lacks wisdom, or who is unable to muster his/her own wisdom to connect the dots between his existence and that of God. So he engages in actions and activities, most of them wicked and ungodly, and because he does not receive immediate rebuke from God thinks He does not exist, or that God does not care about his own conduct. In other words, the one who is given to an ungodly lifestyle or who supports same does not know or does not care that God is long-suffering.

The Achan Affect
God is patient beyond human understanding. This is what those who move against His will and against His truth take for granted, thinking, "nothing is coming." Just like Achan (Joshua 7) who was sure and certain that he had succeeded in stealing from God and from the people, so is the Achan-like actor today. Like Achan, he never understands why he appears to be granted enough time to gloat over his loot and to device plans in his own mind about how to put them to profitable use, all while God watches his every step--perhaps he may find a place in his heart for repentance. This can appear to be in slow motion but the reprisal is certain. Achan was affected by the consequences of his disobedient and disloyal behavior, but so were his fellow citizens who suffered loss in time and human lives.

"When grace is shown to the wicked, they do not learn righteousness...and do not regard the majesty of the Lord. Lord, your hand is lifted high, but they do not see it." --Isaiah 26:10-11. They do not see the hand of the Lord lifted up to come crashing down on evil works, because they are too busy enjoying their loot, and making plans on how to steal more. It shall be like the day of Achan's punishment when it happens again. For the Achan that is visible today, the pages are gradually closing in, the end is fast approaching!