Thursday, August 15, 2019

God's End-Time Moves...

And The Christ-less Church 

The problem with the Christ-less church in the End-time movements of God is that such movements will render the Christ-less church inoperable, for it shall be counted as belonging to the kingdom of darkness. The reason is that such places and their representatives will not be recognized as agents of righteousness, both in their leanings and in their actions or activities. By righteous account, half measures have no place with God. If you are neither cold nor hot, you are regarded as unavailable for God's use or for God's Kingdom. Therefore, it is no longer possible to put one foot in the church and one foot with the world. You'll have to take a definite stand.

God's End-time movements on earth like  nothing else before, will literally force people to make a decision about where they belong; to the Church of God or to the world? There will be no fence to sit on. The world, and more importantly the Church, is moving towards an apostolic kind of faith, and it will be hard. Many churches will close down. We are in the window of Grace right now, and are being allowed a time of preparation to set our house in order. "The dynamic of Church life is about to change" completely.

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