Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Christ-less Church

"By all physical appearances, the Christ-less church may look like any other, except in the area of what it teaches, or in its core beliefs. This is often in order to  veil what the true mission of the body is. One of the first signs to look for is whatever calls for the use of any other name in conjunction with the name of Jesus, which is not Father and Son. Also, a problem, is the elevation of any other name to match the name of Jesus in prayer and/or worship. If there's any important leader of the church, past, or present, whose name is used in prayer or intercession, it is a Christ-less church." That is, a "church" that operates without Christ and without the Holy Spirit. In order words, it is a social gathering that operates under the umbrella of religion, which the followers may refer to as Christianity.

Pp 163-164,


Does your church teach about angels, saints, Fathers, Mothers, princes, princesses and virgins? Then I invite you to read  your Bible. There is only one Gospel and Jesus is the only name needed for salvation. A church exists by the operation of the Holy Spirit through the name of Jesus. If this is not your experience of church, you may belong to a Christ-less church, where the name of Jesus is just a word on the lips only, and where the leadership of the church have no relationship with the Holy Spirit, neither acknowledge His Person, because they do not know Him. 

See: Acts 19 1-7, Galatians 1:8

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