Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trump's Mental Hospitals

Trump's Mental Hospitals will be a welcome development, in fact, long overdue. He will become the first patient and that will serve the United States well.

O what it takes to be a superpower! You can have a lunatic in the highest office of government and that will be okay, so long as he is supported by the power-wielding sycophants of the land. Supporters of the corrupt and evil regime of Trump know that they have a sick man in office. Instead of recommending mental treatment for him as patriots would do, for the sake of everybody else, they are helping to perpetrate evil and corruption for their own sake. It is a good thing that Trump himself has recognized the need to build mental hospitals. Perhaps by the time they are built up--if he ever starts--there will be a sane man occupying the White House who would be patriotic enough and send Donald Trump to one of the hospitals, if for nothing else, to hide America's shame. The stench of its shame and disgrace right now reach to the ends of the earth. God is prepared to do the cleanup, for the sake of the entire nation.

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