Monday, September 30, 2019

England's Most Treasured


 It looks straightforward, yet not-so-straight forward. Let the next-in-line arise! It's that simple! But not for those whose hearts are close to home. Questions will arise, pain and sorrow will be expressed, yet man has ability to do things only which are in his power to do. O, that one's lofty birth could mean the ability to do that which is beyond human ability to do. No matter one's station in life, it must all come to an end one day. And sometimes sadly so. At least for princes, they would have had boundless opportunities which a life of privilege brings.

Nonetheless, they are missed by those who love them when they leave the stage.

The What And The Why
Perhaps the most important of the "what" questions in the life of an individual can be discerned from the person's life situation.  Sometimes we think we know the "why" when the answer is in fact beyond our comprehension.

God's Plan And Purposes  
God's plan and purposes do not always align with what we think. No matter how His strategies play out, they always match His purposes. We are all only just human no matter what station we occupy in life. When there is a beginning, there will be an end. Adieu!