Friday, October 18, 2019

A Timely Advice For Trump

Bill Barr Cannot Help You!                                

If there's anybody on earth who let you do whatever you want,  that person is your enemy. You are drawn to Mr. Barr for two reasons, maybe more. First, he is ready as you are, to stare-down everybody else into believing what he believes and to think what he thinks... FAILURE No.1! Second, he's all in with the white supremacy agenda, failure No.2! and a most devastating FAILURE!

The Lord God abolished white supremacy before you became "president." And it remains permanently abolished! There is nothing you or Bill Barr can do about it. That is God's stand! Even more important, there is a fight and there are two sides to it. Your attorney general is fighting your fight but God is fighting on behalf of Americans, because He has compassion on the millions of citizens who are everyday being treated like scum.

God wants to restore order to the United States from the man who would be king, but whose Republic is jealously guarded by patriots. You do not have to heed this advice because God is bent on saving you from you and more importantly saving the United States from you. You will not remain, neither will Bill Barr!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Bill Barr's Legacy Up-front

Barr's Legacy Stinks 

And the devastating effects to him of his actions today will follow him beyond the grave. So, "Everyone dies" is not an answer that will stop the consequences of the actions  of an "Attorney General" who is helping his boss run the government of the United States like a personal estate, where accountability is made to no one. How will he like his name to become an inky spot?

An Inky Spot! 
This is what Bill Barr's name will become, an inky spot. Because he has served a man instead of serving a nation. And because God, the LORD GOD OF ALL CREATION, is concerned with the multitude who have been cheated and are still being cheated by the administration of Trump and Barr, He has sworn by His name, the names of Barr and Trump in history will become inky spots after them. Their names will not be mentioned with honor or dignity and will be covered from history books because they constitute an abomination, even as they are now!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Bill Barr--A Reminder!

 Barr's Response

In his response to his critics in a CBS interview in May 2019, Bill Barr said, "Everyone dies..." intimating that he doesn't believe in eulogies and being sung as a hero after you die. Bill Barr completely missed the point. He apparently said that in defiance of the concern expressed by people that he was and is still aiding an openly corrupt and evil government. Interpreted, that means , "I believe in what I'm doing today" even if that means putting one man's interest and so his own, above the interest of the United States.

What Bill Barr Does Not Understand
Death as the final note to man's life on earth is not always the worst thing that can happen to anyone. After all, people in the Intelligence Community and in the military just to use two examples put their lives on the line everyday in service to their country. Yet they understand they could very well lose their lives. And should that happen, they die as patriots. But what example does Bill Barr want to leave behind? It is more complicated than he thinks. Find that out in Bill Barr's legacy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

American Patriots

 Preserving The Homeland

Sometimes people have to read from history books to know patriots whose names have been recorded in history, usually for their roles and attempts aimed at preserving the homeland. Today, that may be far-fetched because patriots live everyday with the general population. And there's hardly any place else where they are more easily visible than in the Intelligence Community. This community includes people who put their lives on the line everyday to defend the homeland. These are some of the American patriots who have been under attack by Donald Trump, and the world should ask him why?

Andrew McCabe: Former Deputy Director of the FBI 
The hand of God is against all those who move with corrupt intent against Andrew McCabe

James Comey: Former FBI Director
James Comey could very well be the death of the Trump administration if he does not relent from the evil pursuit of Comey

John Brennan: Former Director of the CIA
He is on the side of truth and truth is on his side

James Clapper: Former Director of National Intelligence
Attacked by Trump for speaking out against selling the United States to Russia.

Another name: Representative Maxine Waters, the California congresswoman who has been constantly under attack by Trump.

There is more. God is in this fight and His Hand is lifted high up to come crashing down on the evil and corrupt government of Donald Trump. It will be cut off!

Trying to Frame Andrew McCabe?


Is the Trump administration trying to frame Andrew McCabe? Is he being set up by Trump and his cronies for his role in trying to defend the homeland against the Russian aggression in the 2016 presidential election? Trumps attacks on the Intelligence Community shows he's on the side of Russia against his own country. Is this done anywhere in the world? Is Donald Trump more important than the United States? His friends are saying he is, by supporting the evil of betrayal of his own country. 

Andrew McCabe is a PATRIOT! He worked and has worked to maintain the sovereignty of the United States. Certainly he cannot be punished for that! He needs an award for his work. The persecution of McCabe will hasten the exit of Donald Trump because while Trump and Bill Barr hold power below, there is a power above that sees through the corruption and the evil of betrayal of fellow countrymen. And God, the Lord God of All Creation who holds power above all others will hasten to do justice where there is none from Bill Barr's department of Justice.