Friday, October 18, 2019

A Timely Advice For Trump

Bill Barr Cannot Help You!                                

If there's anybody on earth who let you do whatever you want,  that person is your enemy. You are drawn to Mr. Barr for two reasons, maybe more. First, he is ready as you are, to stare-down everybody else into believing what he believes and to think what he thinks... FAILURE No.1! Second, he's all in with the white supremacy agenda, failure No.2! and a most devastating FAILURE!

The Lord God abolished white supremacy before you became "president." And it remains permanently abolished! There is nothing you or Bill Barr can do about it. That is God's stand! Even more important, there is a fight and there are two sides to it. Your attorney general is fighting your fight but God is fighting on behalf of Americans, because He has compassion on the millions of citizens who are everyday being treated like scum.

God wants to restore order to the United States from the man who would be king, but whose Republic is jealously guarded by patriots. You do not have to heed this advice because God is bent on saving you from you and more importantly saving the United States from you. You will not remain, neither will Bill Barr!

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