Tuesday, October 1, 2019

American Patriots

 Preserving The Homeland

Sometimes people have to read from history books to know patriots whose names have been recorded in history, usually for their roles and attempts aimed at preserving the homeland. Today, that may be far-fetched because patriots live everyday with the general population. And there's hardly any place else where they are more easily visible than in the Intelligence Community. This community includes people who put their lives on the line everyday to defend the homeland. These are some of the American patriots who have been under attack by Donald Trump, and the world should ask him why?

Andrew McCabe: Former Deputy Director of the FBI 
The hand of God is against all those who move with corrupt intent against Andrew McCabe

James Comey: Former FBI Director
James Comey could very well be the death of the Trump administration if he does not relent from the evil pursuit of Comey

John Brennan: Former Director of the CIA
He is on the side of truth and truth is on his side

James Clapper: Former Director of National Intelligence
Attacked by Trump for speaking out against selling the United States to Russia.

Another name: Representative Maxine Waters, the California congresswoman who has been constantly under attack by Trump.

There is more. God is in this fight and His Hand is lifted high up to come crashing down on the evil and corrupt government of Donald Trump. It will be cut off!

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