Friday, October 4, 2019

Bill Barr--A Reminder!

 Barr's Response

In his response to his critics in a CBS interview in May 2019, Bill Barr said, "Everyone dies..." intimating that he doesn't believe in eulogies and being sung as a hero after you die. Bill Barr completely missed the point. He apparently said that in defiance of the concern expressed by people that he was and is still aiding an openly corrupt and evil government. Interpreted, that means , "I believe in what I'm doing today" even if that means putting one man's interest and so his own, above the interest of the United States.

What Bill Barr Does Not Understand
Death as the final note to man's life on earth is not always the worst thing that can happen to anyone. After all, people in the Intelligence Community and in the military just to use two examples put their lives on the line everyday in service to their country. Yet they understand they could very well lose their lives. And should that happen, they die as patriots. But what example does Bill Barr want to leave behind? It is more complicated than he thinks. Find that out in Bill Barr's legacy.

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