Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Bill Barr's Legacy Up-front

Barr's Legacy Stinks 

And the devastating effects to him of his actions today will follow him beyond the grave. So, "Everyone dies" is not an answer that will stop the consequences of the actions  of an "Attorney General" who is helping his boss run the government of the United States like a personal estate, where accountability is made to no one. How will he like his name to become an inky spot?

An Inky Spot! 
This is what Bill Barr's name will become, an inky spot. Because he has served a man instead of serving a nation. And because God, the LORD GOD OF ALL CREATION, is concerned with the multitude who have been cheated and are still being cheated by the administration of Trump and Barr, He has sworn by His name, the names of Barr and Trump in history will become inky spots after them. Their names will not be mentioned with honor or dignity and will be covered from history books because they constitute an abomination, even as they are now!

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