Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Trying to Frame Andrew McCabe?


Is the Trump administration trying to frame Andrew McCabe? Is he being set up by Trump and his cronies for his role in trying to defend the homeland against the Russian aggression in the 2016 presidential election? Trumps attacks on the Intelligence Community shows he's on the side of Russia against his own country. Is this done anywhere in the world? Is Donald Trump more important than the United States? His friends are saying he is, by supporting the evil of betrayal of his own country. 

Andrew McCabe is a PATRIOT! He worked and has worked to maintain the sovereignty of the United States. Certainly he cannot be punished for that! He needs an award for his work. The persecution of McCabe will hasten the exit of Donald Trump because while Trump and Bill Barr hold power below, there is a power above that sees through the corruption and the evil of betrayal of fellow countrymen. And God, the Lord God of All Creation who holds power above all others will hasten to do justice where there is none from Bill Barr's department of Justice.

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