Sunday, December 22, 2019

God Is Demanding Answers

From the Republican Party, God is demanding answers and answers He will get. Unlike the Trump administration that peddles in lies and falsehoods and unlike the Bill Barr's Justice Department that is working to subvert justice, when God demands answers He gets the real thing. The reason is simple, both the players and their responses, fact or fiction, are subject to His control.
This is one time then when lies will not do it, the truth will be out, to the discomfort of many because God is demanding it. Bill Barr has traveled all over the world "seeking information", to work for the United States or to work against her? Rudy Giuliani is also on the move to "seek information", to work for, or against the United States? This is a subversion of justice in plain sight. And for whatever reason these two men think Trump should win re-election at all costs, the truth will be revealed for what it is. That will not be the end of the story, it will be the beginning of their troubles who think that there is only one man, Trump, who is free to seek foreign intervention for his re-election. This is corruption at the highest level, it is absolute decay! God has rejected their works!

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