Thursday, February 27, 2020

Bernie Sanders--Do Or Die?

Is Bernie Sanders a credulous old man or is it just zeal for his campaign? Is there any reason for him not to believe the Intelligence that Russia is trying to help his campaign win the Primaries? Even Trump has said so much during at least one of his rallies--that his supporters should vote for Bernie during the Primaries and of course vote for him in the general election. The position of the Trump-Putin ruse cannot be clearer. And if that is the case, why does Bernie Sanders keep defending his position, which is that he is quite sure he will win in the general election against Trump.

Bernie Sanders has openly denounced Putin and Russia in recent days asking that they refrain from any interference in the 2020 presidential election. Not only are his words barely enough, they also do not carry the weight of conviction that should come with such denunciation considering that a foreign power is trying to help elect a president of the United States a second time. The truth is Russia is trying to use the Bernie Sanders' campaign as the sacrifice to help Trump re-election. But the initial response of Sanders to the Trump/Putin beckon to him was shocking. Asked about Trump's encouraging tweets about him, he said he "did not see it that way." He did not see Trump's tweets as encouragement to him? If not, what are they? Trump wanting him to win the general election? Certainly, Sanders cannot be so credulous as to believe that, or that Putin is in love with him?

There is only one response from Bernie Sanders that will be adequate. Look into the camera and denounce both Trump and Putin, asking both to take their hands off your campaign because they are in this together. Sanders should ask himself this question: "What happens in the general election after Trump supporters have voted for me in the Primaries?" The answer is that they will desert the campaign and go over to vote to reelect Trump, hence both Trump and Russia are trying to help you now. That seems pretty straight forward to any objective onlooker.

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