Friday, February 7, 2020

Found! --One Republican Leader

Mitt Romney goes a different route from Trump's worshipers in the Senate. Maybe there's one leader yet left among the Senate Republicans. For standing with truth and not with lies and falsehoods regarding the Trump impeachment, Mr. Romney shows that he can stand alone if standing alone means doing the right thing--a great leadership quality. Unfortunately though, that is one thing missing from the "Republican leadership" today. The fact is, they are not leading. Whether in the House or in the Senate, all the Republicans are concerned with is how to play catch up with their god, Donald Trump. And although they will tell anyone who cares to listen that they are very smart people, any person of any level of discernment can see that they are in bondage. The sad story is that they are not just in bondage to Trump but to the power that controls Trump. Their fear of Trump is not only unnatural, it begs the question of what or who they are really afraid of, and for what reason. But the good news is that even though just one, somebody is ready to stand up to all of that.

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