Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Trump-Russian Ruse!

This time around, Russia and Putin seem to have found a convenient smoke screen to aid their effort in the Trump re-election bid--Bernie Sanders! In 2016, Donald Trump made a direct appeal to Russia, aside the covert operation to help him win, and he won. In 2020, both Trump and Putin are trying to use the Bernie Sanders campaign as a deflection for another operation to help Trump remain in the White House.
Truth is Donald Trump is not interested in helping Bernie Sanders for any reason other than to deceive him into believing that he cares about fairness. Neither is Putin interested in having Sanders in the White House for that will not pay what Trump owes to Russia. Bernie Sanders should not be deceived. It is not Bernie Sanders that Russia wants to help, it is Trump, and they think their strategy will work. But the smoke screen is hardly hidden from view. It is quite obvious.

The Trump administration officials have said publicly that Russia wants to help Sanders but not Trump. A laughable proposition! People who have adopted a lifestyle and administrative style based on lies and falsehood cannot imagine in their small thinking that other people can see through their schemes. The Trump-Putin smoke screen is hardly effective, in fact, it is not at all. Behind the attempted cover-up can be heard loud and clear,"Russia, if you are listening ..." And that was not too long ago. AGAIN, GOD IS WATCHING!

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