Monday, May 11, 2020

Trump And The Coronavirus

Trump's "There will be deaths."                                                                                                                                                                       

 Donald Trump better be careful what he's asking for. He talks about the expected number of deaths still from the coronavirus pandemic in a casual manner. He talks about people dying in a business-like manner, almost cavalierly as if he's talking about things--"There will be deaths." But these are people--human lives. If the roles were reversed and the people around him start to die from the virus, would "there will be deaths" or there are deaths serve that description? How can a human being without empathy be the leader of people? The truth is the worst of the pandemic is yet to happen. Will he then announce to everyone 'there are deaths' when deaths start to happen around him, and can very well happen anytime?

 The truth is Donald Trump maybe a good father or grandfather to somebody, but certainly not a leader of people. He fails at the first test, empathy, consideration. And it is not like he's hiding the quality of fellow feeling for others, he doesn't have it. He is all-round not a leader, whether by conduct, by mannerisms, or by utterances. Neither is he a leader by intellectual, psychological, and emotional balance.The question is how did anybody grow up like that? Was it only money they talked about in his home? There doesn't seem to be much else. And when he says that people hate him, he's unable to see that he is a hater-- a lack of self-awareness, hence unable to lead. It is a case of mass failure. But the problem is he wants to be seen and heard for any and every reason, his acute shortcomings screaming after him. It is a sad American story and will be told for ages to come.




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