Friday, May 15, 2020

Unmasking A Traitor


It was the right thing to do. Michael Flynn was disloyal to the United States. When the well-being and economic prosperity of another nation take precedence over yours in your dealings with them, you are disloyal to your country. In the case of Flynn, that is putting it mildly. His treacherous action on behalf of Trump regarding the Russian invasion of American space in connection with the 2016 presidential election is outright treason. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a security advisor who gave out the details of his country's security secrets to a foreign adversarial nation? Who is complaining about unmasking a traitor, but the traitor-in-chief? 
Nobody asked to unmask Michael Flynn but the traitor behind the veil, who happened to be identified as a traitor once the veil was lifted to see who was giving enemy power assistance against his nation. No, nobody was looking for Flynn but the enemy behind the veil. Trump and the GOP are living the delusion now, but it will become clear later it was a fight they could not win. Michael Flynn was and is a traitor, but so are all Republicans who are now lined up behind Donald Trump to use the resources of the United States to serve Russian interests. At the very least, Putin has got a stooge in the White House and it stinks.
The patriots who wanted to know why anyone would act so treacherously do so for the country they love and are justified by truth now and will be justified by history later.

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